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Austin Trahern - 3 Reasons Businesses Should Use Instagram

Austin Trahern Offers 3 Reasons Businesses Should Use Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram Business accounts are proving to be a picturesque social network for businesses. Social networks have overtaken and completely revolutionized the marketing world. Everywhere professionals and consumers go, they are bombarded with a portion of social network significance. However, over the reign and evolution of social networks, it has become apparent that not all social […]

Google Turns 15 and Austin Trahern Explains the Best SEO Business Procedures to Help Get in on the Hype

Keeping up with SEO practices is essential to ensuring your business promotion is getting the recognition it deserves. Google. Throughout the last fifteen years, it has become a euphemism and a standard for search engines. Even those search engines that came before, pale (or have completely died off) during its reign. As Google continues to […]