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Austin Trahern Offers Out of the Box Business Promotion Tactics for Startups

Out of the box promotion solutions can save you time and money, while allowing you to be creative.

Developing a startup is stressful. There are so many different aspects of responsibility that come with building and maintaining a successful startup. Besides the day to day responsibilities, there is also the need for promotion. Any way you slice it, advertising is expensive, but it is necessary.

Austin Trahern, an industry leader for building and promoting startups, knows the difficulty well. He has worked with many startups throughout the years, who are in a range of situations, and helped them to find the right methods to succeed. Trahern’s experience shows him that creativity is often the best way to receive the most genuine and lasting connection. Here are the best methods that Austin Trahern has found for out of the box business promotion tactics for startups.

Become Involved in a Community

The company and community of a startup leader directly influences their business. Thus, it is important to get involved with people who are or are interested in the same industry. Not only will you have a chance to connect with likeminded individuals, you will also be able to gain insight and other suggestions. These are your people. Therefore, it is easy to see how relationships become mutually beneficial in a plethora of ways.

#Hashtag Your Business’ Social Influence

Hashtags are everywhere and they are becoming more popular by the day. If your business does not maintain a healthy hashtag game, you are missing out. Thankfully, this does not have to be difficult. To be successful with your hashtag game you do not have to start your own hashtag revolution. All startups need to do is participate in the pre-determined daily, weekly, and monthly hype. Here are a few suggestions:






It does not have to be anything extraordinary, as you can see. Most of the successful hashtags are simply positive messages and invitations for collaboration. They are using social platforms for their intended purpose-to be social. Thus, this is a great way to increase your startup’s social following. This leads to more opportunities all around.

Use Giveaways to Your Advantage

Who can pass up a good giveaway? Giveaways are mutually beneficial for everyone involved. By constructing a creative (and relevant) giveaway, you are helping promote your startup organically and positively. Even by giving away a high-value item, the promotion, attention, and excitement you create for your brand is more than worth its weight in gold. The cost of the giveaway, if done correctly, is greatly overshadowed by the attention you receive because of it.

To close, ingenuity and creativity throughout the startup process is often the best recipe for success. Austin Trahern always tries to infuse out of the box business promotion tactics for his clients. These are the tactics that have proven successful throughout a wide range of industries. This industry leader urges each of you to try these tactics today and have fun with them. It is incredibly easy for perspective clients to tell the difference between feeling pressured and having passion.

Austin Trahern - Dress for Success with Old-School Business Tricks

Dress for Success with Old-School Business Tricks from Austin Trahern

Dress for Success with Old-School Business Tricks from Austin Trahern

The way that a person dresses dictates the first impression those around them receive. That is why Austin Trahern insists that in business, attire is amply important.

Austin Trahern
Austin Trahern

Freedom of expression is wonderful; it allows people to showcase who they truly are and what they believe in. However, this freedom also gives others an impression of you. Whether people intend to pass judgment or not, the way we look often indicates whether we will be successful or fail. This is especially true when it comes to business dealings.

Austin Trahern understands that there is far more to the business dress code than what might be readily apparent. Especially when it comes to impressing those who have acquired old-world wealth, there is a culture affixed to attire. Unfortunately, this culture is not always simple or bound to the typical suit and tie persona. Therefore, Austin Trahern explains a few old-school business tricks that will help you truly dress for success.

Know the Dress Code

Society has standards for every situation. The dress code is probably the most obvious example. Yet, improper attire is often the shove that propels people off the cliff, to failure. Looking the part is not only important for actors; it is important for everyone. Keeping that in mind, it is important to know that different occasions come with different standards. For instance, if you meet your boss at the office, you are likely going to wear a suit and tie/skirt or dress. However, if you meet them at the golf course, there is likely a different quality of dress requirements. While you still should not dawn sweatpants and flipflops, business-casual attire is more appropriate. Being overdressed is pretentious and therefore, makes you look bad. Instead, you want to blend in, so make sure you know the dress code for every situation.

Wear a Watch

Wearing a watch gives the impression you are aware of time. This symbolism incorporates the wearer’s awareness of their time as well as the time of others. Time is money. This is especially true in America; time and punctuality are extremely important. By wearing a watch, you are giving the impression that you understand this importance and are professional enough to understand its importance.

Also, having a watch does help you be more punctual, as it is always on your wrist and easily accessible. Watches help people be more aware of time. Thus, they are more accountable.

Shine Your Shoes

Look at someone’s shoes. Shoes, more than any other piece of attire, will give onlookers a snapshot of who that person is. There are many types of footwear, used for many purposes. Yet, there is also the state of the footwear; are they old, new, dirty, clean. Plus, it can tell you if the person is acting within their comfort zone. If the shoes seem to be worn effortlessly, the person is usually genuine in their appearance. However, if the person seems uncomfortable in the shoes, they are trying to change something about themselves.

When a person wears nice shoes to an occasion; shined and cleaned, but not new, it shows comfortability. It shows that the person is experienced in their craft. The person knows what to wear, for whom, and how to handle whatever they are doing.

To close, attire completes the whole package; the measure of a person. Succeeding in business is dictated by presence. While this has a great deal to do with the presence of mind, a person’s physical presence also greatly affects an outcome. By using these old-school business tricks to dress for success, you will be setting yourself up to impress.

Austin Trahern

Austin Trahern Reveals Top Tips to Conducting a Successful Business Meeting

Successful business meetings start with successful people and Austin Trahern reveals how to achieve both simultaneously.

Conducting business meetings are always stressful. Regardless of whether the businessperson is green or has done it a million times, failure is still a possible outcome. It does not matter how unlikely or how surefire the topic is to impress, people are unpredictable. Therefore, when going into a business meeting, the only true catalyst the conductor can control is their presence.

Fortunately, creating the right self-image is all a business needs to be successful. Austin Trahern reveals the top tips to conducting a successful business meeting. The best part is, everything that is needed, is under the presenter’s command.

Come Prepared

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” Benjamin Franklin is credited with this phrase. While the quote was likely printed on many middle school posters the truth in this statement is nevertheless relevant. The fear of failing can manifest in many ways. The most common way, though, is lack of adequate preparation. Knowing what you are talking about, down to the letter helps pave the road to success by facilitating three cornerstones.

First, preparation plans out the meeting’s topics and helps the presenter grasp the heart of their purpose. Second, it also helps the presenter know what to inquire about. If there are any issues, preparation will help a presenter mitigate those problems before the presentation. Third, being prepared helps to facilitate the other tips that ensure business meeting success.

Show Confidence in Every Aspect of Your Demeanor

Confidence is the factor which decides who wins and who loses; who succeeds and who fails. Failure is inspired by a lack of preparation, which allows a seed of admitting inability to fester. That seed will culminate until the moment of presentation; at which time it will effectively suffocate any remaining sliver of hope you have of success.

Although, preparation alone cannot save you from failure. Confidence comes from preparation, but it is your demeanor that truly entices success. From the way a presenter talks, moves, and even enters the room is an indication of their confidence. An audience will notice these things and unfortunately, the level of confidence you have will dictate their first impression of you. Most of the time, that first impression is what will decide whether you will succeed or fail. What you say is secondary to the level of command you have over yourself, your presentation, and the audience’s attention.

Control the Room

The ability to control a room is based on both preparation and confidence, according to Austin Trahern. After all, people are attending this meeting for a purpose. Whether it is a staff meeting or you are meeting with a hopeful investor, they are giving you their time. They have already deemed the meeting worthy of a portion of their day. Thus, you have already established an element of control. The hard part is keeping it. To keep it, you must be worthy of it. To be worthy of it, you need to showcase your knowledge, your passion, and your confidence. Give them that in a concise package and you will not only succeed, you will have earned their respect.

In summation, the way you perform in the meeting dictates the outcome. Being prepared, displaying confidence, and controlling the room is vital to conducting a successful business meeting. Austin Trahern knows this and has experienced first hand the power of these devices and has excelled tremendously because of them. Yet, he is also aware that it is not good enough to simply understand these concepts. To be successful, utilization and practice is the truest form of proof. Therefore, only one question remains…what are you waiting for?

Austin Trahern

Austin Trahern Dishes Out Little-Known Business Etiquette Techniques that will Close the Sale

Learn the business etiquette techniques that will help you close the sale every time from expert salesman, Austin Trahern.

Successful selling is only marginally reliant on the product. Of course, having a good product is essential for a long-term business model. Yet, there is more that goes into sales than simply having a useful, revolutionary product. Salesmanship is an artform. Austin Trahern has perfected this artform.

Now, Austin Trahern is sharing his expertise in an easy-to understand way. By following these tips, you can always be closing, with style, grace, and confidence. Here are a few little-known but powerful business etiquette techniques:


The introduction an extremely important moment in any business situation. This is when people receive their first impressions. Right or wrong, this could even be the point where the purpose and outcome of your meeting is decided. Thus, it is important to get the etiquette right immediately. Here are three of the most important etiquette practices to remember when beginning a business meeting:

First, always introduce yourself with your full name. Even if it is a laidback atmosphere, speaking your full name during an introduction is essential. Becoming comfortable with one another can come later. Now, it is time to put power and purpose behind your words. The best, most professional way to accomplish this is to speak your full name.

Second, it is never okay to remain seated during a business introduction. It is considered extremely disrespectful not to stand and greet the person at full length while greeting. Standing imparts a respect for both yourself and the person you are meeting. This may seem like a small detail, but it will be noticed.

Third, remember your fellow meeting-goers’ names. Use those names in the introduction and throughout the conversation. This will add a sense of individualization to your conversation. It shows respect for the person you are speaking with and that respect will be appreciated.

Be Agreeable

When speaking to people in business, be agreeable and nice to them. While that might sound like a strange thing to have to say, showing superiority will not make a good impression. Therefore, even when trying to sell your product, be nice. Compliment them on what they are doing right. Do not berate them with what they are doing wrong. No one wants to be spoken down to. Instead, work your pitch into an agreeable, complimentary conversation, instead of trying to tell them why they are wrong.

Be Thankful, But Do Not Overdo It

It is always nice to use your manners; you know, the one’s you learned in Kindergarten? “Please” and “Thank you” can go a long way. Sometimes, business people feel that such niceties are not important. However, they are important, and they make an impression, if used strategically.

Showing gratitude and humility is powerful but like anything else, if it is overdone, it quickly loses its luster. Thus, it is important to only say, “Thank you,” and other mannered words sparingly. If you say thank you too much, you will seem ingenuine.

In summation, Austin Trahern believes that etiquette is essential to success. Whether you are meeting your spouse’s parents or speaking to an investor, manners matter. That is why knowing the right things to say and do in any given situation is crucial to success; not only in business, but in life.

Austin Trahern

Austin Trahern Discusses the Importance of Constantly Learning

Running a successful business and learning new skills can seem like an impossible task. Austin Trahern discusses the importance of always learning and taking time for yourself.

Expert Austin Trahern is always learning, even with a full-time schedule speaking and consulting with clients around the country. If there is one thing Austin Trahern has learned, it’s that you have to stay at the forefront of your industry and that requires real effort.

Austin Trahern always reminds his clients that the first step to ultimate success is avoiding mental fatigue.

“You are going to get tired, and you are going to have moments where you feel like you are in over your head,” explained Austin Trahern. “It’s important that when this happens that you have a game plan that involves resting and learning new material.”

Austin Trahern recommends finding a way to engage your brain to keep yourself stimulated and always learning.

Audio books and podcasts are a great way to check in with pop culture, and simultaneously learn new information about your specific field. Finding ways to stay engaged and to practice the art of learning are vital to succeeding in business and in life. They not only help you recharge, but they help you learn new skills to grow your business and brand.

As a culture, we are busier than ever before with the massive influx of information coming our way. Austin Trahern always recommends that his clients also find time to shut down the internet and breakaway from technology.

In order to move information from your short term memory to your long term memory you have to practice over and over, and taking a break from technology is a great way to reset your clock, and let your brain soak in the new information you have been learning.

A great way to do this that Austin Trahern recommends is to set a limit everyday that you spend on the internet and tied to your electronics. When you hit that limit, disconnect for the rest of the day and connect with the outdoors and the people around you.

Doing this truly allows your brain to store all of the information that you’ve been learning, and it also will decrease stress when you separate yourself from technology.

Learning doesn’t have to be a chore, and Austin Trahern recommends practicing these tips to achieve even greater heights in your business.

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Austin Trahern

Austin Trahern Discusses Relationships in Business

Business Relationships with Austin Trahern

Business Relationship with Austin Trahern
Business Relationship with Austin Trahern

Mastering relationships can be a daunting task and can make or break your business. Austin Trahern discusses how to win at relationships in business and in life.


Expert Austin Trahern helps companies get to the next level and achieve greatness. It often starts with mastering the art of relationships and connecting to your customers.  The first step to any great business is building relationships.


“People connect to each other, not to objects,” explained Austin Trahern. “By connecting to your customers on a human level, they will build a bond with your brand and business that will weather the test of time and keep them coming back for more.”


Connecting with your customers on a human level can be as simple as telling your companies story in a captivating way, and making sure that your messaging and branding connect with your target audience.


If you want to build lasting relationships, it starts with centering your brand around the things that would connect most with your target audience. Think of your brand as an extension of your customers, whatever resonates with them, should be the message you are sharing.


Be Heard with Austin Trahern

You want your staff, and potential customers to know that they are being heard and that it’s more important to you that their opinions are considered. This helps turn customers into evangelists who will carry your brand to everyone they know.


More than ever, potential customers are researching the best products on the internet before deciding to make a purchase. The relationship factor is a determining part of the equation in getting a customer to shop with you.


Austin Trahern always encourages his clients to create meaningful surveys that engage potential customers so they feel like they are a part of the conversation.


This gives potential customers a reason to shop with your brand and a sense of fidelity to your company as well.


More than ever, customers want something to believe in, and they are searching for products that provide a more authentic approach to life and add value to theirs. Connecting with them on a human level and building a relationship now will keep your company afloat in the digital age and profitable for years to come.


Austin Trahern is always available to help you navigate your business and grow your brand, coaching you and your company every step of the way.


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Austin Trahern

Austin Trahern Discusses the Importance of Great Content

Developing a winning strategy for your company is a huge task. Austin Trahern discusses how these strategies often start first with great content.

“Before a company can succeed they have to develop their story,” explained Austin Trahern. “A great story always starts with great content that engages your audience first and foremost.”

Expert Austin Trahern gets asked often by clients on just how to craft original content that tells their story in an authentic and meaningful way.

Austin Trahern always reminds his clients that it can be difficult to objectively approach your own company, which is why it’s always great to hire outside help when crafting content. Great content starts with a good story. When working with clients, Austin Trahern often asks them to list out in detail which brands and stories captivate them the most and what resonates with them on an emotional level. These are the stories that we believe in and will continue to come back to on a regular basis.

“If you want to be great at crafting content, then you’ll have to be great at finding it,” explained Austin Trahern. “You have to be constantly taking in new information so that you can know exactly what you are looking for when it comes to great content.”

You become an expert in your field through repetition and practice, and so great content is a very similar set of skills. Austin Trahern always encourages his clients to read and study other brands and companies that inspire and encourage.

“I always recommend that each team I work with be spending at least two hours a day reading relevant content to their business and taking lots of notes,” explained Austin Trahern. “If you want to be an expert, it starts right here with practicing how to understand and digest great content.”

People connect with story-telling because it’s how we view the world collectively. Since the dawn of man, we have been telling stories to illustrate everything that we believe in.
Austin Trahern recommends building a bridge between your content, and your brand and pointing to something greater, that you potential customers can connect with.

Whatever your brand is selling, make sure that your content clearly illustrates that story, in a compelling and creative way. Potential customers are always looking for a reason to believe in something good, so make your content worth investing in.

Great content starts with having excellent coaches, and Austin Trahern is here to help take your company to the next level.

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Austin Trahern

Austin Trahern Discusses Developing Winning Strategies

Most companies struggle with creating winning strategies for their brand. Strategy expert Austin Trahern discusses developing winning strategies.

“A company should always be focused on the big picture or else they will never succeed in business” explained Austin Trahern, an expert strategist who has worked with clients across the country. “Your company needs a winning strategy in order to truly thrive.”

Through the work Austin Trahern does, he constantly gets asked how to develop winning strategies and it starts with a custom crafted plan that is specific to each individual company.

Businesses have the ability to craft strategies that win clients and lead to increased revenue, and it starts with building your marketing plan. When a business forgets to implement a marketing strategy, they end up hurting themselves before they ever have a chance to take off. Focusing on marketing now makes it possible to set your company and team up for success because you have a foundation to launch your brand on.

A good strategy will tie together every part of your business together, both offline and online. Austin Trahern helps crafts strategies that get companies closer to their goals while paying attention to what’s important immediately as well.

A company will always want a winning strategy that has industry-specific facts
about the current market, who is buying and why, also connecting the dots to key consumer demographics, can help craft the perfect winning strategy for your business.

One key ingredient Austin Trahern always speaks to is looking at every respective department in a company and defining key roles for success and measurement. This helps employees in every section get behind new ideas and strategies that make your corporation into a living organism and can breathe new life into your brand.

This falls in line with something Austin Trahern is very passionate about, helping companies tell great stories. A good story can help your brand and company take on a life of its own, and give consumers a reason to stay connected to your products, which will lead to great sales and a robust online identity.

Business strategies that win can be challenging and complicated, which is where Austin Trahern comes in. Austin Trahern is always available to walk your company through a great winning strategy, that helps you thrive now, and continue to succeed in the future.

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