Austin Trahern - Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media Mix

Austin Trahern Provides Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media Mix

Social media opens the digital world for businesses and therefore, having the right social media mix is essential.

Austin Trahern
Austin Trahern

Social media has overtaken our world. Whether you are a business owner, or you are a consumer of virtually every product, social media is paramount. Businesses that do not have any social media presence are viewed as slightly less trustworthy. Yet, for a business owner, social media has revealed a new level of communication between them and their consumers. However, there are different social media networks cropping up every day. How are businesses expected to reach their target market effectively?

Austin Trahern has made a career of answering this question for many businesses, across a plethora of industries. Here are the cross-industry tips that Trahern has found to help every business find their perfect media mix.

Stay Current

There are so many different social networks available now, with more cropping up daily. While it is unrealistic to use each of them, it is advised to stay current with them. Keep track of the trends and listen to your target audience. Let your audience be your guide. A business wants their social circles to be revolving around their personalized target audience. Therefore, a business should be able to evolve with the social whims of their audience. This should not be a consistent change by any means. Yet, staying current can help the business decide which social networks will reach the greatest number of potential clients.

Be Consistent

It might take a little while. After all, when learning a new platform, every account is entitled to growing pains. However, it is important to be consistent with posts as soon as possible. That way, the people who follow the business will come to expect updates or new content at a specific time. For blogs, emails, discounts, or news in general, it is important to keep the information flowing at a consistent pace.

Let Your Business’ Personality Shine

Every business has a personality; a culture. This personality develops over the course of the business’ lifetime, but it is usually established early. Working with this personality and showcasing it throughout a business’ social media mix helps establish a repour with their audience. Just like following an influencer, people follow a business because they are interested in their expertise and posts. They do not follow it for the sales pitch, they follow the business for the delivery. Therefore, it is up to the entrepreneur to make that delivery entertaining and engaging.

In summation, Austin Trahern is an expert in making a business’ social media work for them. That is why he has decided to share these tips. Social media is such a big part of a business’ success, but it can be confusing. That is why there are experts like Trahern, who do their best to teach entrepreneurs social media essentials. Austin Trahern’s goal is to help entrepreneurs throughout the country to successfully navigate their own social media mix.

Austin Trahern Habits for Upping Your Entrepreneurial Game

Austin Trahern Reveals 3 Habits for Upping Your Entrepreneurial Game

The world is constantly changing, and Austin Trahern is offering these three habits to help entrepreneurs keep up.

Austin Trahern
Austin Trahern

Habits are funny. They start as an idea and morph into action. Once that action is done a few times, there is a mindset change that occurs.


Eventually, that change in mindset becomes the fuel that keeps the new habit alive; until it is second nature. While this is true for everyone’s habits, entrepreneurial habits can link directly to more leads and better income.


Of course, there are good and bad habits for business, as well as everything else.  


Thus, Austin Trahern is sharing his expertise. Here are three proven habits that business owners can use to up their entrepreneurial game. 


  1. Stick to a Schedule

Business owners have a unique aspect to their job, in that most of them can be their own boss. That means, they only must answer to themselves. If they come into work late or don’t show up at all, there is not a person to face.


At first glance, there is no consequence to an action that would be otherwise a dismissal-worthy offense. That doesn’t mean that business owners can do as they please, though. Smart business owners know that they answer to their clients and customers. Being inconsistent and unreliable is a surefire way to lose business.


This is a slow and painful end to an entire business and ultimately, the entrepreneur’s career. Instead of trying to tread water with a waning reputation, stick to a schedule. Always be open when you are supposed to be and focus on work during business hours.


While there is no one looking over an entrepreneur’s shoulder, clients are paying attention. They know what is going on and even though they might not say it outright, they will let you know through their patronage. 


  1. Keep it Positive

Regardless of the positive aspects of owning a business, there will always be bad days. Everything will not always favor the business or the entrepreneur. Although it doesn’t matter what happens, that is not the fault, nor the burden of customers and clients.


Therefore, it is important to make a habit of being positive when interacting with customers. This is true across platforms.


Whether you are talking to a client or posting to social media, always talk about what is going right. Be excited and upbeat about what is going on in the business, because no one wants more negativity.


The business entity is supposed to be a beacon of hope. Keep it positive and it might even help you find the light in a time of darkness.


  1. Stay Involved in Your Industry

Businesses are created to solve a need. People hire businesses because they are supposed to have expertise in the industry. While that might be true to a point, industries are always evolving. There are always new advancements, news stories, and information available throughout every industry.


As an entrepreneur, getting into the habit of staying involved in current industry events does wonder for your business. Not only do informed entrepreneurs stay apprised of new advancements, but they also become a wealth of information for others.


The more a business owner knows about their industry, the more respected their business becomes.


To close, Austin Trahern knows exactly how to maintain healthy entrepreneurial habits.


These are three of his best suggestions. Add these habits to your daily routine and watch the shift in how the world responds to you and your business.

Austin Trahern - Top Necessities for Every Website

Austin Trahern Shares the Top Necessities for Every Website

A website is crucial for every entrepreneur and these top necessities help to make that website shine.

Austin TrahernWebsites are a staple of modern business. It no longer matters what the ultimate structure of the business is, a website secures a platform of trust. Even businesses that have been around for generations uses the power of a website.

The reason being is that the current generation of consumers craves a digital experience. The best thing about a website is that the business has an exorbitant amount of control over their business website. Therefore, they can give the visiting customer a specific experience.

However, Austin Trahern has worked with enough businesses to know that sometimes, that intention falls short. Even though a business intends to offer a positive experience, there is a vital piece of that intention missing. Often, that piece is a part of these top necessities for every website.

About Us

Who are you? What is the purpose of your business? This section can be about the entrepreneur, (yourself or the founder), or the business as its own entity. Every business has a culture and personality. Show that personality to your customers. The About Us page on the website should explain why the business was formed. This section should discuss the different solutions the business offers and why the company is special. This is your business’ introduction to the world; make it shine.

Contact Information

Questions and inquiries are unavoidable. The easier it is for customers to find the answers to their questions, the better their experience. Therefore, having contact information readily available (and a reliable form of contact) improves customer relations dramatically. People are no longer interested in waiting for a reply. They want their answers quickly and they want the company to provide those answers happily. By having an accessible and easy to use contact system right on the website, the business can offer this.


For better or for worse, the business world is currently run by testimonials and media attention. Potential clients want to know what the experience of past customers was like. While advertising gets the name of business out there, testimonials are the best way to gain authority. Ideally, it is important to incorporate both testimonials and media into the website. However, if the business is new, it helps to have as many testimonials as possible.

In addition to being good for advancing your brand authority, testimonials (and media, especially) can help build links. If you have a colleague review your business, who also has a website, encourage them to link their website to their name. That way, you both have an advantage.

To close, Austin Trahern has seen a lot of websites. Personally, Austin Trahern is responsible for the success of many websites. Thus, he is certain that these necessities are a simple, yet effective make or break addition to every website. These necessities span across every industry, without compromise. These necessities have become expectations for businesses, charting the path of patronage throughout an endless supply of target audiences.

Austin Trahern - 3 Reasons Businesses Should Use Instagram

Austin Trahern Offers 3 Reasons Businesses Should Use Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram Business accounts are proving to be a picturesque social network for businesses.

Austin Trahern
Austin Trahern

Social networks have overtaken and completely revolutionized the marketing world. Everywhere professionals and consumers go, they are bombarded with a portion of social network significance. However, over the reign and evolution of social networks, it has become apparent that not all social networks are created equal. In fact, some social networks do far better in different industries than others. However, there is one that is both easy and actionable, throughout almost any industry; Instagram.

Instagram Business accounts have proven the power of the picture and entrepreneurs have found much success with this network. Austin Trahern is fond of this social network, in particular, because of the rising opportunities, it affords businesses. These are three of the ways Austin Trahern believes Instagram Business accounts are improving the share-factor of entrepreneurial life.

Show the World Your Process

Regardless of who you are or what you do, there is no doubt that you have a process. Everyone wants a behind the scenes look at the way businesses are run. Seeing the process for themselves makes people feel closer to brands and businesses they patronize.

With Instagram Business, you can show your fans exactly what they want to see, either through short videos or pictures. This visual medium makes it easier for businesses to showcase exclusive pictures and info without overwhelming their followers. Plus, the Instagram community is extremely welcoming, which helps make business owners feel right at home.

Sell Your Talent Right from Instagram

Instagram Business offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their entire shop right on their profile. This makes it much easier for customers to buy the things they see and like on Instagram. Therefore, this results in more purchases.

As a business owner, you know that the more people you can put your merchandise in front of, the easier it is to get a sale. That is why this Instagram Business account feature is such an awesome addition to the platform’s entrepreneurial allure.

Instagram Business is an All-In-One Platform

Instagram, as a platform has done quite a lot to evolve into a diverse, yet simple and straightforward social network. First, there are a host of options for posting in your unique style. However, in addition, the backend of Instagram Business accounts includes trend and analytic reports, as well as messaging. Therefore, entrepreneurs can control various other aspects of their interaction with customers. All these features are proven to offer prospective clients a better experience, which in turn helps the brand’s popularity. Plus, with the new features being introduced, it makes sense that the usefulness of Instagram Business accounts will only increase.

In summation, Austin Trahern has a lot of hope for Instagram Business accounts, between what they are and what they are going to be. Instagram Business continues to grow and prosper, adding usefulness to entrepreneurs with each update. Give Instagram Business a try and help your loyal customers visualize the work that goes into making their experience spectacular.

Austin Trahern Importance of a Website

Austin Trahern Advises Entrepreneurs on the Importance of a Website

Websites are a crucial part of your business’ online presence.


Austin TrahernBusinesses take up a lot of money. For the first three years, at least, most businesses are purely a labor of love. However, that doesn’t stop people from starting a business; and there is no reason it should. Being an entrepreneur is a passion, a calling, and a drive that people will often do anything to preserve. Yet, all the passion in the world does not make having a business easy. There is one action that does help a business, exponentially; and it is often a key element that business owners gloss over.

This action is creating and maintaining a website.

Austin Trahern knows that every extra expense is an expense that a new business owner does not need. Cash Flow constraints often dictate what a business can and cannot do, rather quickly. Yet, budgeting for the creation and maintenance of a website is essential. Here are three reasons that Austin Trahern believes EVERY business should have a website.

A Website is a Digital Home Base

The most important reason to have a business website is that it provides a digital home base for your business. A website is the only place that business owners truly have a say in what information is put out to the public. A website is the cornerstone of the digital footprint your business makes in its industry. Failing to launch or maintain such an important aspect of your brand fosters a gigantic hole in your business strategy.

It Creates Trustworthiness

Globalization and online interactions have made the world a much smaller place, especially for business owners. Throughout this sense of online personalization that has transpired, much of the customer’s expectations have changed as well. Before, not having a physical location listed was abundantly sketchy; now, it is a stranger for a business to not have a website.

Having a website that is easy to find is one of the best ways for businesses to gain the trust of their customers. With so many businesses being all over the world, people are often more concerned with businesses having their own digital home. The digital home that is most proactive is the business’ website.

It Introduces Your Brand

Often, a website is the first introduction to potential clients or customers to a business’ brand. The website is what offers the business’ first impression. The best thing about this is that the impression your website gives off can be controlled by properly maintaining your website. If the business owner appears active and responsive on the website, people are more likely to have a good experience. Furthermore, a website should be an extension of your hospitality, that is always available. The website never closes and even when you are asleep, the website is working for you.
To close, Austin Trahern believes wholeheartedly in the positive effect of having a website. These three reasons are only a few of the reasons having a website is so crucial. Do not underestimate (or completely ignore) the steps it takes to be successful in your business. With the way the business world is right now, not having a website will prove to be a perilous decision.

Austin Trahern - Interests for Entrepreneurs

Austin Trahern Explains Three Subjects of Continual Interest for Entrepreneurs

Every industry has its own informational needs, but these three subjects extend across all industries.

Austin Trahern
Austin Trahern

Entrepreneurs are always trying to stay up on the trends that are current throughout their industry. This can sometimes be a harrowing task, as it is common for these aspects to change rapidly and without warning. That is why constant monitorization and continual information updating is important to success.

Fortunately, Austin Trahern has come up with a way for entrepreneurs to keep updated on these three subjects. Continuously staying current in these different areas will help every entrepreneur, across multiple industries. This knowledge will help you know what you need to do for your business to better relate to consumers.


  1. Current Events

Every day, events happen, both domestically and globally that affect the business directly. While this is especially true for businesses who sell goods online, current events can affect every business. Thus, keeping on top of the overall business and policy regulations that are happening helps entrepreneurs prepare for big changes. This is true even if the changes do not directly affect the business now. There is a possibility that any policy, governmental, or otherwise business-related issue could drastically change the way you do business in the future. That is why it is important for business owners to keep on top of current events, both domestically and abroad. By doing this, you can create contingency plans. 

 2. Technology

Technology is hard to keep a current handle on. After all, it is always changing. It can seem, especially to a business owner who is not naturally technologically adept, that technology is an ever-evolving animal. This is a scary thought, especially when everyone around you is relying on it more and more.

However, the tip that Austin Trahern finds most useful is to only pay attention to major advancements. Of course, also pay attention to advancements that directly affect your niche. Although, that should be far and few between, if the business is not completely immersed in technology. Most technology has early adopters, the ones who are heavily involved in tech, the casual adapters, and the late adopters. As an entrepreneur, you want to be one of the casual adapters, for the most part. That way, you don’t drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with the trend of the day. Although, you are still in the know at the same time as your customers.

3. Social Media

Social media is everywhere. Much like technology, there seems to be an update about social media daily. While it is good to pay attention, listening for something that directly affects your niche, do not follow everything. Instead, make sure nothing big is happening and if not, don’t worry about it. If your social media presence is not working, maybe do a little more research on why it is not working. Yet, in this regard, if you are using social media, you are good. There is no need to go crazy trying to update every single platform. Focus on two or three that work for your business and keep up on information about them. Otherwise, information about social media will be completely time-consuming and you do not want that.

In summation, these three areas of business are always changing. There is usually a consistent need for updating information, in some area. Whether that is a physical update or simply an update of current events or understanding, that knowledge is abundantly important. Fortunately, by following Austin Trahern’s advice and keeping updated with these three topics, your business will always be well-informed.

Austin Trahern Discusses the Benefits of Using Google My Business

Austin Trahern 

Google My Business is a benefit that many businesses do not even realize exists.

Online marketing tactics are everywhere. Everyone is always trying to tell businesses how to get better exposure online. Most of that advice either involves a hefty price tag and/or many hours of work. It’s no secret that staying relevant online, especially for a small business is a daunting and sometimes, seemingly impossible task. The influx of businesses and the expansion of communication has made the world a much smaller place. Fortunately, there is a free service provided by Google that helps businesses keep their information up to date.

Austin Trahern, an industry leader is excited to discuss the benefits of using Google My Business. Austin Trahern knows that regardless of what industry or the size of the business, this tool is vital. Here are a few of the best benefits of using Google My Business:

Keeps Up with Minor Details

Business owners have a lot going on all the time. They must always remember something and if they think they don’t have anything to do, they are probably missing something. Therefore, it is always nice to have a tool that reminds business owners of smaller details. After all, it is often the smaller details that make a big difference to customers. Specifically, Google My Business will ask the business owner if their hours are changing during the holiday season. This is important, as many people use holiday time to shop. After setting these holiday hours, the business owner can forget about the update, because after the holiday, normal hours resume. The listing will automatically reflect that.

Feeds Google Information from the Source

Google My Business is a direct link to Google itself. Search engines scour the internet for correct search results. The effectiveness of a business’ tags and SEO practices depend on how often and accurately the business comes up on searches. With Google My Business, however, businesses are giving Google a lot of that information directly. This makes it so the Google search engine does not need to search the internet for your information. It is right there, given to them and verified by them. This makes the business much more legitimate and SEO savvy, which improves the business’ rating on the search engine.

Identified on Google Maps

Google Maps is a widely used platform. By getting your location verified by Google, through Google My Business, the search engine will automatically place your business on Google Maps. That means that patrons can get directions to your business right off their Google search. Also, having your business on Google Maps (having a physical address) makes the business more trustworthy.

To close, Austin Trahern explains how Google My Business is a platform that helps business owners reach out directly to their audience, through the most influential search engine. Additionally, the level of interaction allows businesses to constantly keep their clients apprised of crucial company information. Plus, it’s free. What could be better than that?

Austin Trahern Delves into the best Direct Marketing Tactics for Every Budget

Austin Trahern 

Direct Marketing Tactics are alive and well throughout all industries; take advantage of these affordable tactics.

Direct Marketing tactics are strategies that bring businesses closer to their target audience. Examples are direct mailers and social media but both tactics cost time and can cost a fair amount of money. (This is especially true because of the uptick in social media ad importance.) Therefore, not all business budgets are equipped to handle the commitment of these two methods.

That is why Austin Trahern, an industry leader and revolutionary marketing influencer, sought out better, more affordable direct marketing tactics. What Trahern found after contemplating this issue and trying out a few methods, is that there are many options. Regardless of the industry, product, or direct marketing budget, speaking directly to the customer is paramount for success. Here are the direct marketing tactics that Austin Trahern has found successful for all different industries.

Support a Charity

Everyone loves to know they are helping support a charity, especially if it is through actions that they already do.
Whether it is buying a product or patronizing a business, supporting a charity helps businesses draw sales. This is because people are likely to choose the business that support a charity when it comes time to buy. It makes the patron feel good, it helps the charity, and it gives the business great exposure.

Use Your Store to Your Advantage

The business itself is a great direct marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways. One of the biggest reasons why this works so well is that the hardest part is already done; the customers are at your store. Getting customers in the door is the hardest part. Now, it is up to you to prove to them why they need your services. This can be done through signage, explaining the unique qualities of your product, or through a friendly conversation. (This is also why it is important that your staff, if you have staff, knows about your products. That way, they can be genuinely helpful to customers.) Using this informational approach to direct marketing, businesses can convince customers to buy and upsell. That way, the customer ends up buying more from you without even leaving the store.

Partner with Other Businesses

A large part of being a successful business is being a part of a community. While this means the community of customers, this also includes the community of your fellow businessowners. This direct marketing strategy is a great avenue to offer a deal and mingle with your entrepreneurial associates. Working together helps everyone involved and it gives a great impression of your business.

In summation, there are many ways that a business can reach out to their customers directly. However, with limited resources and budgets, making such a connection can easily seem overwhelming. After all, it seems that the reach of a business is constantly in need of growth, to keep up with the current demand. This makes direct marketing seem even more difficult. Yet, Austin Trahern believes in these tactics wholeheartedly. These are tried and true methods of direct marketing successes and Trahern is certain that they will work for you.

Austin Trahern Divulges 3 Little Known Business Secrets that are Sure to Help You Be Successful

Austin Trahern 

Understanding and utilizing these business secrets will propel you forward on the road to success.

Business owners know that success is earned, not given. Success is the reward of long hours and dedication. It is all in how a business owner sets their strategy into motion and their consistency. However, that is not all.

Success in business is also what you know. Austin Trahernis an expert in business promotion, and he is sharing his five little known business secrets. These business secrets are sure to help pave the way to success. Regardless of the industry or other common business factors, implementing these three secrets are sure to propagate your accomplishments.

Embrace the Lessons of Failure

Winning is easy. Losing is the difficult one. When you win, that is the end. You go home, knowing that your way was successful. You do not learn anything. There is no lesson or room for improvement hidden under the ripe stench of failure. However, when a business owner embraces the lessons that come with failure, they notice many different benefits. First, the sting of failure is lessened. Of course, failing is never the desired outcome. Yet, it could end up being the best outcome. After all, it is a chance to learn and as entrepreneurs, as a person, our thirst for knowledge is insatiable. Therefore, instead of fearing failure and letting it destroy you, momentarily or otherwise, embrace it. When it happens, look for the lesson and use what you learn to make yourself and your business better, according to Austin Trahern.

Focus on the Positive

Everyone has problems. Regardless of who you are, there are reasons to be miserable. That is why, when it comes to businesses, people want to be uplifted. People want to be reminded of the positive things in life. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to bring them that positivity. Life is hard and customers look to their favorite businesses for a reprieve from that difficulty. Thus, it is important for businesses to always keep their messages positive. Negativity happens. Yet, for the sake of the customer’s happiness, that negativity needs to be put aside. Your business should always be a positive place; for you and your customers. So, focus on the positive, always.

Be Competitive at Your Own Game
Entrepreneurs are competitors. They must be, to have a chance at surviving an open market. Yet, what entrepreneurs do not realize is that while they are competing against other businesses, their biggest competition is themselves. After all, entrepreneurs are only human. There are many ways that your business can lose to your other desires. However, by working hard and always learning you will be your own arena’s best contender.

To close, there is never one way to do anything in business. What works for one entrepreneur might be disastrous for another. That is part of what makes us all different. That is why the true secrets of success in business involves the way we choose to embrace our challenges. Austin Trahern knows that mindset and the willingness to learn and change, (if necessary) is everything. Therefore, by adapting these three secrets into your business model, you are sure to see a boost in your success.

Google Turns 15 and Austin Trahern Explains the Best SEO Business Procedures to Help Get in on the Hype

Keeping up with SEO practices is essential to ensuring your business promotion is getting the recognition it deserves.

Google. Throughout the last fifteen years, it has become a euphemism and a standard for search engines. Even those search engines that came before, pale (or have completely died off) during its reign.

As Google continues to get stronger throughout the online sphere, its influence continues to shape SEO business procedures. Thankfully, with this milestone Austin Trahern explains the best SEO business procedures to help businesses get in on the birthday hype.

Utilize the “O” in Search Engine Optimization

Optimization means to make something the best that it can be. Therefore, of course people want to optimize their search engines. As business people, it is our duty to help that process along. The way that entrepreneurs do this is to optimize our websites and make sure the content is accurate and informative. This is done by producing high-quality content, being transparent and helpful within that content, and keeping the content fresh. The best way to do this is to go through website content and make it fresh. Update older posts with fresh statistics or replace it completely. Add new accomplishments and company news and replace portions of the home page, such as videos and pictures. It is even helpful to find a fresh way to express old information. Anything that keeps the website alive and fruitful will help SEO in 2019.

Create Content Clusters

Content clusters sound inherently unhelpful. However, this is a form of organization that is ranking well with SEO. This website flow takes different sub genres of information and clumps them together under one common header. For instance, on the homepage, the “About Us” could be a header, which leads to a drop down of different sub genres. These sub-genres could easily include an ideology page, team members page, and even a link to social networks.

The reason is because the AIs that detect SEO are all about connecting the dots. Using a content cluster format on your website does a lot of the work for the algorithm. It is already connecting the important points within the website. Therefore, the program only needs to gauge the trustworthiness of the information, instead of finding relating articles strewn throughout the website.


Whether you are worried about getting cat fished or you are looking up information on a business, trustworthiness is important. Search Engines recognize that the information that is rated highly on their results must be accurate and informative. Therefore, it is the website owner’s duty to prove to the Search Engine that they are trustworthy and credible. The way that business owners do this is to have history and notable achievements. That is why it is always important to include any certifications and distinguishing characteristics in the metadata of a site.
In summation, with Google turning 15, there are many SEO tips and tricks that can help you hype up your business’ online presence. Austin Trahern has experience with many different entrepreneurs and industries. Using such an already popular event to help expand your online presence is utilizing search engines for their intended purpose; that is to connect people with the information and networks they seek.